Jennifer is a motivational speaker who speaks about the power of making, positive good choices, the ripple affect of the choices we make, and restorative justice practices. She shares her own story of choices that led from her idyllic childhood, growing up on a farm in Ohio, to her involvement in a marijuana trafficking operation and, eventually, to her incarceration in a federal prison camp.


While incarcerated, Jennifer was deeply affected by the women she met who were locked up on lengthy, mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent crime. She speaks on topics of non-violence, forgiveness, conscious choice-making and re-creating ones life.


Jennifer has been a panelist with the Tarik Foundation, speaking to middle school and high school students, throughout San Diego County, about making conscious choices. Most recently Jennifer delivered a powerful, 5-minute talk with slides on what she learned in prison at Ignite, San Diego 2017. Jennifer believes in the power of sharing our stories, the magic of re-framing our stories to re-create our lives, and turning adversity into legacy.