Trafficking the Good Life

In Trafficking the Good Life Jennifer Myers documents her journey through marijuana trafficking to her arrest and incarceration in a federal prison camp.

An all-American, midwestern farm girl, Jennifer had worked hard toward a successful career as a dancer in Chicago. But just as her star was rising, she fell for the kingpin of a drug trafficking operation. Drawn to his life of excitement, she soon acquiesced to driving marijuana across the country, making easy money she stacked in shoeboxes and spent like an heiress.Steeped inside moral ambiguity, she sought to cleanse her soul with the guidance of spiritual gurus and New Age prophets—to no avail. Only time in a federal prison made her face up to and understand her choices. It was there, at rock bottom, that she discovered that her real prison was the one she had unwittingly made inside herself and where she could start rebuilding a life of purpose and ethical pursuit.

Trafficking the Good Life Praise

“In her gripping memoir Jennifer Myers offers a startling account of how the pursuit of an elusive American Dream can lead us to the depths of the American criminal underbelly. Her book is as much about being human in a hyper-materialistic society as it is about drug culture. When the DEA finally knocks on Myers’ door, she and the reader both see the moment for what it truly is–not so much an arrest as a rescue.”

–Tony D’Souza, author of Whiteman and Mule

“Jennifer Myers has written a powerful story of transformation and resilience. Riveting and compelling, this is a must-read.”

—Jodie Lawston, Ph.D., Women’s Studies Program, California State University San Marcos, CA; author of Sisters Outside: Radical Activists Working for Women Prisoners; co-editor of Razor Wire Women

“I want all my clients to read this book. Beneath the drug story is a story all women can relate to: the desperate search for self, and the ultimate journey to finding the true feminine voice that longs to emerge in what often feels like the United States of Addictions. I hope parents will read this book before their children reach grade school. Trafficking the Good life is insightful, educational, and, ultimately, a journey to the heart.”

—Moe Ross, addictions specialist; Director, Northwest Community Counseling Services and Hollyhock Retreat Center

“An enthralling first-hand account of lives turned upside down by incarceration and imprisonment. If you want insight into the human condition in general, and the condition of incarceration in particular, you need to read this honest and dramatic portrayal.”

—Dennis Sobin, Director, Safe Streets Arts Foundation

“Most people grow up believing that everyone in prison is a rapist, child molester, or murderer. Jennifer Myers proves them wrong. Her personal journey to prison is a chilling object lesson in how America’s love affair with incarceration sends thousands of nonviolent offenders to prison for decades.”

—Julie Stewart, President and Founder, Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM)

“Freedom, true freedom, isn’t something anyone can give you or take away—freedom comes from within. Trafficking the Good Life is a precious reminder of these truths as Jennifer Myers both inspires and entertains us in her riveting story of drug trafficking, incarceration and redemption.”

—Darrin Zeer, bestselling author of Office Yoga; CNN’s “America’s Relaxation Expert”

“Myers’ narrative is a painfully raw and stunningly honest exploration of a woman finding her way through a very masculine world filled with frightening consequences. It is a powerful story of redemption–of how one woman finds her voice by facing the choices she has made and learning a truth that is hers and hers alone.”

—Dr. Linda Savage, author of Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality: The Power of the Feminine Way