L.A. Myers Consulting



Jennifer Myers is a prison consultant and coach who prepares first time, non-violent offenders and their families for the experience of federal prison. She has been a consistent support to women entering prison, and their families, since founding her business in 2009. Jennifer is available for hire from the moment of ones arrest and indictment, through their final release from prison.


“I felt completely lost and had no clue where to turn for information, I started doing research to find resources, in order to get some answers, and that’s when I found Jennifer. Jennifer became my peace in the middle of a storm. Despite the fact we are located on two opposite sides of the county she was able to offer me better support than most of the people I was surrounded by. She is very understanding and offers great services to help with anything that you may need along the way. I really wish I was smart and started to do research when my case first arose because Jennifer’s services would have actually made a very rocky road smoother.”

“Jennifer made herself available to me when I needed her, and went above and beyond to do all that she could. She helped me to realize there is life beyond this situation, and she helped me to prepare for my incarceration. My conversations with Jennifer helped me to prepare mentally and physically for the time. I can say because of that I will have a very easy transition; this includes my move and having as much as possible aligned for me in jail even before I arrive.”

“I can’t express how grateful I am to have had Jennifer’s help, she even got me in touch with another person who served time in the same facility. She is an inspiration and I pray that she can be just as much help to other women as she was for me.”

R.I.S.E. to Empower

Empowering girls and women to make positive choices.

Jennifer is co-founder of R.I.S.E. to Empower. R.I.S.E. to Empower Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to empower girls and women to make positive, conscious choices by offering a 3-month program that includes a workbook, a memoir, an inspirational quote book and weekly discussion circles led by trained facilitators. Through critical thinking and experiential learning, the program offers the girls and women a transformational experience in which they will be asked to take a deep look at their lives, the challenges they are faced with daily and their relationship to choice. R.I.S.E. to Empower is an advocate that empowers teen girls to find their joy, follow their heart and live their dreams. (add weblink here)

Who have we helped?

R.I.S.E. to Empower works with pregnant teen girls and homeless teens within the San Diego Juvenile Court & Community Schools (Momentum Learning), and, most recently, is a part of San Diego’s U.S. Federal Probation new re-entry program, working with women who have just been released from Federal Prison.


The Inside/Out Project

Using the Voices Of Those Most Affected by Incarceration to Advocate For Change 

LA Myers Consulting, Survivor’s Truths and Expressive Arts San Diego have come together for the Inside/Out Project — bringing the voices of those most affected by criminal justice policy into the conversation. Workshops with youth are being carried out as a complement to the Inside/Out Project’s work with adults who are or have been incarcerated, helping to create a more complete picture of incarceration’s impact on families and communities. By supporting young participants in sharing the experiences of their loved ones’ incarceration, we will help others to better understand how incarceration is shaping our collective experience and identities and how our communities might better respond to the needs and strengths of these young people who are otherwise relatively invisible in our midst.

How does it work?

The Inside/Out Project connects social service with social media for social change. By creating media directly with groups affected by our criminal justice system, the project will raise awareness, challenge stereotypes, and uncover possibilities for making things better.

Who have we helped?

 Voices of UNcarceration have produced workshops for incarcerated women at Las Colinas Female Detention Center in California, formally incarcerated women at Serenity House in Escondido, CA and youth within the San Diego Juvenile Court & Community School System.